Why You Should Shop With Me…

Within the past few years, I’ve become increasingly busy with life! Mom duties, appointments, PTA, working out, blogging, family time, ME time; it just doesn’t end! My time is crazy precious, and I absolutely REFUSE to spend time standing in lines at the store, dodging people, getting bumped into, stepped on, all with children in tow! Shopping on-line in the comfort of my own home, wine in

Wine and HGTV while shopping. Yes, please.

hand, with the sound of the woman’s voice on House Hunters in the background (I love that show) is a great shopping experience if you ask me!

I am all about having the ability to shop multiple stores at home or on the go where anything I need (or want) is simply one click away. Exciting, right?!

Now, what if I told you on-line shopping could be even more exciting because you could earn money while doing so. Like real money, not credits or discounts to be used in the same store during a specific time frame if you spend a specific amount a money, but real cash. I’m talking about something called “cash back”. It is the ability to convert your spending into earning by shopping your favorite brands and buying the things you already need (or want). How, you ask? What’s the catch, you ponder?

Well, there is no catch and the how is super simple. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll be on your way to earning money while you shop from the comfort of your own home. *Disclaimer: This can become very addictive, but don’t worry this addiction will actually save you money.

Step 1. Visit www.shop.com/shavonnemarie and go to the top right-hand corner. Click the little person to register for FREE.

Step 2. Start shopping your favorite products and brands by searching for the actual products or by clicking on “Stores” in the tab and search for your preferred retailer. Once you click on a certain retailer, you will be directed to their actual website where you can begin shopping.

Step 3. Shop and earn money. The more you shop, the more money you’ll accrue through cash back. The cash back can be applied towards other online purchases, or you can have the money deposited into your bank account!

*Bonus Tip: Download “Shop Buddy” for more discounts & savings! Even when you’re not on Shop.com and you’re browsing the web, Shop Buddy will pop up to alert you of any deals.

**Extra Bonus Tip: Refer your friends so they can save too and so you can earn cash back from THEIR purchases as well!  #saywhat #winning

See 3 simple steps! What if every single time you spent a $1.00 you made up to .50¢ back? Now this is some on-line shopping I can get with. Reclaim your time and start making money while you spend it. Once you get to know the site you’ll see that you can pretty much purchase anything through shop.com including travel, hotels, gift cards, concert tickets, and even eat at a local restaurant.
Interested in starting your own shop.com business? Have questions? Email me and lets talk about it. Happy shop.com-ing 😉


Shavonne Marie

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