Hi there and thanks for stopping by. My name is Shavonne Marie. Happily is a word I use to describe my best self, not because I live in a perfect fairytale world, but because it’s what I strive for daily. It may be hard to come by at times (happiness), but in retrospect, I feel extremely blessed to wake up day after day and spend time with and take care of the people I love. This blog is an outlet for me. It’s a personal letter with multiple topics that I’d like to share with you. The topics are about my family and what we do to make US work. Happily is also the complimentary close to show my regard for your interest into my little world. Feel free to look around and contact me for any questions or comments.


Shavonne Marie

This picture pretty much sums up how we are when we’re all together; the boys joined at the hip, Aubri fussing with at least one of them, and DeVaughn and I observing in the back, confused, wondering what’s going on, and Ms. Morgan is always chillin close to mom. Welcome to my World. Because they truly are. Photo by DarkRed Photography.